Why MGP?

MSIL is a customer centric company & understands the needs of the consumer. It is utmost concerned about performance of the vehicle & safety of the passengers. For it MSIL offers spare parts for all its models under the brand Maruti Genuine Parts MGP.

Only MGP is designed & engineered as per the specifications of your Maruti. Each MGP part is tailor made to give a perfect fit in your car. Research & Development is a focus at Maruti Suzuki & profound investments are made in R&D to study the design, material selection, manufacturing of Maruti Genuine Parts. These parts are then put to rigorous tests in which they are exposed to various road conditions. Only after qualifying the stringent quality parameters a part becomes MGP & goes into your Maruti.

Each part is designed for your car to give you comfortable drive, powerful performance, reassured reliability, dependable durability & above all Value for Money.